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Daynah at "On the Rox" in HollywoodI was looking forward to the The FATHER of All Karaoke Parties – a little post tax day debauchery event all month. Now it’s finally here.

On the Rox (Club above the Roxy) was closed to the general public and only geeks were allowed. ;)

I had such a great night. It was a nice surprise to see Daniel Bedingfield on stage rocking out to Sting’s Englishman in New York! I had a blast seeing my tech friends, meet my twitter friends face-to-face, and made some new friends as well. :)

IMG_4923Steve Nguyen asked me if costumes were ok. I said Yes! And when he arrived, he and his friends made quite the entrance. He came in a big Snoopy costume, and bought two friends — Stewie from the Family Guy and the Red Teletubby! I couldn’t stop laughing. I was expecting 80′s costumes.. like spandex, wild hair, etc. when he asked me — not Halloween costumes. :) I only wished I got to see Steve and his friends walking down the streets of Sunset Blvd.

@rocknrollgeek got me a present!@RocknRollGeek brought me a surprise present! Such a big box! I wonder what’s inside… going to take a peek.

@dragonal & @daynah - Geek AttireAlbertech, aka @dragonal got so many compliments about his ThinkGeek shirt! lol @blackfeathers was wearing his wifi t-shirt as well. So geeky.

There were lots of great people at the party, and I had an amazing time. I can’t wait until the next one! Check out the twitter stream of the event.

IMG_4991Francisco Dao, thanks for hosting such a great party, and Adept Marketing Concepts, thanks for being a great sponsor!

Many thanks for everyone who came from SF, NY, Canada, and all across Southern California to join us!

@dragonal from took some amazing photos. Here’s the
LA Tech Karaoke Photo Set.

BlackFeathers took this video of LA Tech singing Bohemian Rhapsody! This song was requested by NctrnlBst. (See tweet!)

tech karaoke la 2009 from blackfeathers on Vimeo.

@TechFrog’s video of photos

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  1. LOL Friggin Awesome! You’re the bestest Cuz.

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