Blog World Expo 2009

Blog World Expo 2009 - Neal, Daynah & Cali Lewis

Neal Campbell – Daynah – Cali Lewis – Photo by

Another Blog World Expo has come and gone. This is actually my first Blog World Expo event, and I greatly enjoyed it. There were just so many amazing sessions taking place that it was very hard to choose which to go to. In addition to the panels, I met a lot of amazing people who are changing our world through social media and online tools.

I took a lot of notes that I need to review before writing a full article, so come back later for that! Here is a list of the panels and events that I attended:


  • Online Locally, Acting Globally – how social media lets us affect and organize the planet
  • Chris Brogan’s Closing Keynote
  • TechSet & Blogworld Afterhours Party


  • State of the Blogosphere Address by Richard Jalichandra
  • Keynote: The Death and Rebirth of Journalism
  • Exhibit Hall
  • The State of Technology and the Real Time Web
  • Affiliate Marketing Blogging Secrets
  • Making and Marketing an iPhone App
  • Leo Laporte’s Closing Keynote
  • The Beatles Love
  • Blog World Opening Night Party


  • Keynote Address (The New Celebrity)
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Flash Animation
  • Video Production Tips & Tricks
  • Lunch & Fat Burger XXX Challenges

I can’t wait to attend next year’s event! Many thanks to iProng Magazine for sponsoring me for Blog World and New Media Expo!

Here are a few photos that have been uploaded:

Author: Daynah

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