Disney Pin Trading

daynah-pintradingIs anyone else into Disney Pin Trading? I got into it about 3 weeks ago. My friends and I were at Disneyland and every ride had lines that went on for miles! Luckily, I brought the pin trading starter set that Lena gave me a year ago. We only went on two rides, but pin trading kept me occupied for the rest of the day!

How does it work? Basically, you check out the Disney cast member’s pins (the Disney workers) and see if there’s anything you want to trade with them. If you see a pin you like, just trade one of yours for one of theirs. It’s that simple! Other rules are.. you can’t trade with them a pin they already have, and you can’t trade more than two pin at a time with any cast member.

So I started with 4 starter pins. Then I had to buy another starter set that had 7. And well.. I started buying pins that I like to keep instead of trade. And now my lanyard is getting really heavy. :)

daynah-disneypinsIt’s getting quite addicting. I’m at the point where I like all of my pins.. so I need to buy another starter set to start trading again! My best find yesterday was a new pin from the Tinkerbell movie, worth $14. I traded it with my $4 pin. :)

My best advice is trading pins with the Disney janitors… why? Because they don’t get that much traffic from visitors since they’re not selling anything. And yes, I got that Tinkerbell pin from a janitor. :)

To the left are some pins I had on Saturday, and in the top photo are the pins I have now. Sometimes it’s so hard to pick which ones to trade!

Author: Daynah

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