Oahu 2009: Day 2 – Hulaween Tweetup

#Hulaween Tweetup at Nico's 10/31/2009

One thing I love to do when traveling is organize Tweetups so I can meet my twitter friends! And going to Hawaii is no different. We had a “Hulaween” Lunch Tweetup on Saturday, Oct. 31st. It’s a good thing that it was on a Saturday because all the kids were able to attend.

Nico's At Pier 38We had lunch at Nico’s at Pier 38, which is a favorite place of ours ever since @hawaii introduced it to us last year! Anything with the seared ahi is good!

It was such a nice and friendly tweetup group. 19 people attended (more came after this photo was taken). More photos to come (after I’m back from my vacation).

p.s. This photo should be on Hawaii IRL! :)

Author: Daynah

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