Oahu 2009: Day 2 – Happy Hearts Mochi

Daynah making Mochi

I got a special treat today. Actually, I MADE a special treat today! Happy Hearts Mochi was kind enough to teach Nerd’s Eye View, Albert, Ed, and I, how to make mochi from scratch! That’s not something I’ve done in Hawaii before!

Happy Hearts MochiIt was so much fun and somewhat messy at the same time. We made the peanut butter and beans mochi. And got to taste the pumpkin, strawberry, and haupia (coconut) ones. The strawberry ones were definitely my favorite!

Renee, thanks so much for teaching us the ways of Happy Hearts Mochi! We’ll be back soon!

p.s. Don’t worry, we ate all the ones we made. So you’re only going to buy the professional ones made by Happy Hearts Mochi. ;)

Author: Daynah

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