Kauai 2009: Day 7 – I’m Flying!

Air Ventures Hawaii

Flying in a small plane over Kauai has to be one the most adventurous things I’ve ever done, not to mention my favorite activity (so far) in Kauai! The view from above was amazingly breath-taking!

My husband and I did a drive around the island yesterday, and hiked up to a few parts of Kauai… but seeing it from above puts it in a whole new perspective! I can’t say it enough.. it’s simply amazing!

It rained a lot yesterday, which is why we booked the flight for today. I’m so glad we did because we saw waterfalls everywhere!

We came prepared with cameras of course, and got the most amazing photos from up above. You can see all the beautiful coastlines and beaches, as well as the vast vegetation and discover the hidden world on the mountainous tops of Kauai. Hundreds of different bird species live up here and the wettest place in the exists here as well.

If you ever get the chance to come to Kauai, I highly recommend a plane ride above the island. The best time is on a clear afternoon, right after a few days of rainfall. It’s such a wonderful treat for your eyes!

We flew on AirVentures and had such a fabulous time. The staff is really nice and helpful, and they make sure they take a photo of you with the plane before taking off, and that you’re comfortable on the flight.

More photos from the SLR, Canon Powershot, and the iPhone 3Gs when I get back.

Author: Daynah

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