Twilight Saga: New Moon

new-moon-posterThe Twilight Saga continues with “New Moon” debuting this past weekend. But did it live up to the hype? Here’s my review of the movie. Read on if you’re not worried about spoilers.

In the first movie, Twilight, we were left with Bella thinking she was going to save her mom. But instead, she was just running into danger. She found herself trapped in a dance studio with one very dangerous vampire. Edward and the Cullens came to her rescue, and she walked away broken bones and a huge scar on her arm as a reminder.

In the second installment, Edward and Bella continue their love affair and it only gets stronger. But an incident in the Cullens’ home changes everything. At the sight (or smell) of Bella’s blood, Jasper went charging after her. In fear for Bella’s safety, Edward and the Cullens left Bella all alone in Forks so she could live a normal life. But normality was not meant for Bella.

The scene that portrayed the passing months was nicely done. The revolving camera angle and the seasons changing in the window made the passing time very believable.

What I really wanted to see the most were the werewolves and the movie didn’t disappoint me at all. The CG used to create these creatures was quite impressive. From the transformation to the intricate details of the flowing hair on their bodies, these animals looked both scary and realistic!

“New Moon” actually wasn’t my favorite book in the series. It was most likely due to the lack of Edward in the story. But thankfully, the movie had just the right dosage of him. I liked how the director made his ghost image appear rather than just a voice in Bella’s head. That was definitely a good call.

In the book, I never thought that Harry Clearwater’s heart attack was a result of vampires. Victoria jumping on him and a werewolf trying to save him really helped tie the story together! This will be a key scene in the next movie.

The scene where Bella just jumps on a stranger’s bike was a bit of a twist, but it I guess it helped make the movie move along better with her new love for danger.

Some of my Favorite scenes were:

  • Snippets of the best scenes in Twilight as flashbacks.
  • The Wolf transformation of Paul and Jacob
  • Mike trying to ask Bella on a date and his plans foils.
  • Alice’s vision of Bella being a vampire. That was beautiful!
  • Seeing everyone in Italy dressed in red. I really enjoyed the brighter scenes and sunlight.

I really appreciate the movie’s close interpretation of the book. Even the jokes were taken out word for word!

I plan on picking up The Twilight Saga: New Moon–The Official Illustrated Movie Companion soon. There are great photos from the movie and lots of behind-the-scene stories to read about! Plus it’s on sale. :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed the movie as much as I did. The second movie was a lot better because of all the action and the thickening plot. And the ending just leaves you hanging and wanting to see Eclipse! Bring on the young vampires, I’m ready for the sequel!

Leave me your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear them. And I also hand-picked a few Twilight items for you guys here. Enjoy!

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Author: Daynah

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  1. I finally saw it! the theater wasn't packed, but there was still some fangirls/boys who clapped during the opening title, cheered when jacob took his shirt off, and laughed when bella hit her head underwater. but that made it kind of fun. The werewolves were pretty cool. the transition between directors was seamless so it wasn't like a totally different tone/feel that you sometimes get in the harry potter movies. I can't believe they're using a different actress for victoria, but I'm still looking forward to eclipse!

  2. Wow, interesting! I didn't know they were replacing Victoria. Her role is even bigger in Eclipse! Can't wait to see it! :)

  3. Wow, interesting! I didn't know they were replacing Victoria. Her role is even bigger in Eclipse! Can't wait to see it! :)

  4. Seems like a good fit IMO

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