Orianthi Best Buy Concert!

@Daynah & @Orianthi

A few days ago, I heard Ryan Seacrest mention that Orianthi will be playing at my local Best Buy this weekend. I’m so happy I caught that announcement!

So my friends and I met up today at Best Buy and watched her perform a few songs from her album. She performed “Drive Away,” “Bad News,” and my favorite “According to You.” For those of us who came earlier, we got a pre-show when she was doing her sound check. :)

If you haven’t heard her music yet, you’ll soon find out that she’s an amazing guitarist. She’s worked with incredible musicians like Carrie Underwood, Steve Vai, Carlos Santana, and Michael Jackson. Here’s a full interview with her from iProng Magazine.

You can purchase Orianthi’s Believe cd or take a listen to the album below:

My autographed cd!

Autographed Orianthi CD!

Slideshow from the Concert

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Author: Daynah

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  1. Lucky you! I picked up her CD when it was first released. It's fantastic!

  2. Her music is awesome! Hopefully she'll come to your town soon. :)

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