Being on top of the World!

Top of the CN Tower

One thing you absolutely must do in Toronto is visit the CN Tower! You can see the entire city, right from your table!

Enhance your experience on the CN Tower by going to lunch or dinner at the 360 Restaurant on top of the CN Tower. It’s slightly more pricey than Horizon Restaurant, but you get an amazing view of the city. The windows are thoroughly clean, so you can peak out them as you eat. My absolute favorite part is that the restaurant rotates, you get a full 360 view of the city! By the time you finish your meal, you would have seen the city from every angle!

Going up to the Glass Floor alone is about $23. So why not have a meal that includes the Look Out and Glass Floor view? Enjoy a nice and quiet meal with an marvelous view.

Once you are done with your meal, the elevator will take you down one floor. This is the floor with the glass floors and look out, as well as the Horizons Restaurant. Expect this level to be a little bit more noisy. You’ll see many people running around, taking photos of themselves on top of the glass floors. You can stand on it and look 1,122 ft down! Looking down gives me the chills!

Note, the elevator ride to 360 Restaurant, Look Out, and Glass Floor Levels is complimentary with the purchase of a main entrée by each guest at 360. Normally, it’s $23 for just the ride up to the tower!

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