Aulani Day 1: Aloha Chip and Dale!

Chip and Dale

We just checked into Disney’s Aulani Resort and guess who ran into? Chip and Dale! They were the first characters we ran into at DisneySea as well!

The resort is really nice, just don’t expect Disneyland when you arrive. The Disney-related decorations are very subtle and blend into the culture and environment around here very well. You can sense the theme here is balance and earthy tones in all their structures and decorations. The Christmas decorations around here are minimal — there’s lots of huge ornamented garlands wrapped around on the ceilings and stairs, a few trees, and a few wreaths scattered around the lobby, but that’s about it.

We checked-in late into the resort, so just spent the rest of the night looking around for what we want to do tomorrow. We did get our feet wet a bit in some of the pools… and there are A LOT of pools!

There’s also a new area that was completed last September which I really like. It features a Keikei Cove that has a large octopus made in tile on the floor and water squirts up randomly. The kids love it! The water is about 2 inches deep. We also had dinner at the Ulu Cafe which featured some hot meals and some Disney treats as well. You can also purchase a refillable mug for $21 and you can continue to refill your drink for the rest of your stay. The last thing we did last night was join a bunch of families in the garden for movie-night! It was so much fun. They had large mats for us to sit on the grass and we watched the Lion King on the lawn. My daughter just loved it! I recommend taking a jacket and a blanket with you as it gets a bit cold there at night. We ended the night exploring the lobby and gift shops. Every t-shirt it seems costs $30, even the kid ones, so it’s a bit pricey. But you can’t get them anywhere else but here..

While we were in the lobby, we picked up the next day’s activity sheet. They’re usually available around 7pm every night. I recommend picking one up the night before so you can plan your day. I promised my daughter she’d get to see Minnie Mouse and she’s been reminding me everyday on this trip.. haha Now I have to make sure she sees Minnie tomorrow at 12:30pm at the lawn. lol

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Note: Pictures will be added after my vacation.. there’s so much to sort through. :)

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