It’s been a while..

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I posted here. After I had my daughter, I started posting more on and neglected this domain. Oops! Time to dust off this website and add some new posts!

Now that she’s a bit older, I have a little bit more time for myself and whatever life wants to throw at me.

The motherhood journey has been amazing, a lot of work, and full of surprises. The best part about being a mother is watching my child grow and learn right before my eyes. I started teaching her sign language at a young age. She started picking it up at 7 months and hasn’t stopped. Now that she’s speaking, we use sign language or English to translate between Japanese and Vietnamese.

As for another update.. I recently changed jobs half a year ago. It was a hard decision since it meant leaving behind everything I knew and starting all over. But now looking back, it’s been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. It allowed my family to be together more often, not to mention the work has been a good challenge for my brain and let me grow in different ways. I now currently work at USC as a web developer.

The last update is that my little family and I recently moved to be closer to work. My husband and I are really happy about this since our daughter has more space to roam around and a small yard to play in. :) Wae still have a lot of boxes everywhere, but we are slowly moving in.

The last few months have been long and difficult but we are at the point where we want to be. Things are now great and just falling into place.

As for now, were are taking a short vacation to one of our favorite destinations… See you in the next post!

Author: Daynah

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