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Dolphinia.net is a domain owned by Daynah which displays all aspects of her life, not just her geeky side. She loves to be crafty and scrapbook. You can find some of her creative artwork at Scrapp’n! She also enjoys going out and eating a various places. Check out her FoodSpotting for restaurant recommendations and photos of food! For the techy stuff in her life, check out her Geeklog and portfolio.

Who is Daynah?

Daynah is a Web developer / System administrator / Web & Social Media Consultant / Photographer / Event Organizer / Tech Geek. She has over 12 years of experience in XHTML, CSS, PHP, mysql, and Adobe Photoshop. 6+ years of experience with WordPress Content Management System and 3+ years of experience with its predecessor b2 (cafelog). 1 year experience in Adobe Illustrator and Flash. Beatweek Magazine Senior Editor.

Below are a few places where you can find her on the internet:

Social Networking

Twitter – daily updates on various things; mostly geek.
Facebook – fan page with discussion board.
Flickr – see her love for photography
Google Buzz – newsfeed and random questions to the community.
FriendFeed – almost everything she posted on the web
Shelfari – books I’m reading.
Qik – Live videos from her cellphones.
Viddler – Random videos of her life.
Dailybooth – random daily photos.
Disqus – comments.
Plurk – quirky and random posts.
Blip.fm – music she’s listening to.
Geeks Profile – the geeks social network
Twit Army – microblog community headed by Leo Laporte
NerdGirls.com – because she is one.
The Guild – because she loves the show!
WordPress Forums – because she loves helping others with WordPress
iJustine Town – because she loves the fun side of tech and videoblogging


Scrappity Scrap – She loves scrapbooking. You can see a lot of her various crafty projects here.
FoodLog – She also loves to eat also. See restaurant reviews, photos of food, and more.
Pandora Playlist – I love music. Here’s what I listen too.
Affinity Zero – a rock band that she manages.
The Days Off Travel Guide – various reviews on travel to places she’s been.

Ouu la la, my new Canon EOS 40D
She’s equipped with a camera and not afraid to use it. ;)

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